150 years ago today: election of a guardian

The Preston Herald reported the election of a large number of new guardians for Clitheroe Union on 13 April, 1867.

Among them was one William Walne, elected for the Yorkshire township of Bashall Eaves. [Nb Since 1974, Bashall Eaves and some other townships have become part of the Ribble Valley district in Lancashire].

It seems likely this William was a farmer at Hodder House, Bashall Eaves in 1871 – more recently a B&B! He lived with his wife and children and farmed 71 acres. (1871 Census; Bashall Eaves, Yorkshire; ED 1; Page 5)

In 1867, according to the newspaper, the Poor Law Board were in regular contact with the Guardians regarding the current inadequate workhouse facilities within the Union. The Bolton-by-Bowland premises was an old print works together with a couple of humble cottages, and the Guardians met in a room above stables and cow sheds in Clitheroe. It would take six years for a new workhouse in Clitheroe to officially open. You can read more at the wonderful workhouses.org.uk website which takes up the whole story.

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