1911: Where born?

In the interests of surname research, only those men and women born Walnes and still being so in 1911 are in included in this graphic. In other words, women who took the name Walne on marriage are excluded, leaving 203 individuals.

Of those, one gentleman is a puzzle and no birth record has been found. Two others were born in New South Wales, Australia. The remaining 100 are distributed as follows, placed by the registration district their birth was registered in (or, in two cases, the district they would have been born within, after the introduction of civil registration). The darkest areas hold the greatest number of births:


63% of births were in Lancashire (note: boundaries have changed over the years, and in a small number of cases, birth parishes have been in Lancashire and West Yorkshire, depending on the year. For the purposes of this map, these births have been mapped in the former). Most were in Burnley, Blackburn, Clitheroe or Preston.

In comparison, the other counties had a small percentage of births, only Suffolk with more than 6% – and only then having 14% of them.

The birthplace map shows a similar pattern to the location map in an earlier post. As ever, this post uses figures correct at the time of writing – but my master index is continually being updated and improved.




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