A double wedding…almost!

It’s always intriguing to spot siblings in a group of four names in the marriage index: sharing the same Registration District, Quarter, Volume and Page Number. It suggests that it just might have been a double wedding.

Alice Walne and her brother George Walne both married in Cosford RD in December Quarter 1905 (Vol 4a, Page 1627).

Both marriages appeared in the Announcements of the Suffolk Evening Star on 19 October 1905, and it turns out that there was no double wedding. However…the nuptials did occur just three days apart – Alice first, George later. Both marriages took place in their home parish of Edwardstone, Suffolk and were performed by Rev. Pakenham.

To add a twist to the story, Alice married a George – and George married an Alice! Perhaps it would have been all to confusing to combine the ceremonies…




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